Pact of Princes 3 - Secret Slave

Coming Soon in FALL 2007

Siren Song - JANUARY 2007

Pact of Princes 2: Siren Song

Lovers on the run…

As they traverse an indigo forest together, Thane discovers the dangerous allure of Veylin’s voice. They must avoid their pursuers long enough to reach a safe haven before the dangers of Veylin’s past catch up with them.

But how can Thane elude the enemies that hound them when he’s fall under the spell of the Siren’s Song himself?

Pact of Princes Reviews

"4.5 Stars! The sex scenes involving Veylin and Thane are scorching. When they explode together, the fireworks are amazing and beautiful to read."

-- Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"For a sizzling hot romance that will leave you begging for more, get your copy of Silent Siren today."

-- Romance Reviews Today Erotic

Silent Siren DECEMBER 2006

Pact of Princes - Silent Siren

Three brothers in a utopian queendom have made a pact to share their lovers. In the Pact of Princes serial, each falls in love and tests whether their vow will bind them together or tear them apart.

In Silent Siren, when Thane, the champion and middle prince, begins a forbidden affair with Veylin, a mysterious young woman who never speaks, he vows to keep their love a secret. But how long can they go undiscovered and avoid the dire consequences of their sizzling passion?

Blood & Honey - Reviews

5 Angels

"Alexa Aames knows how to use every page of a story to her advantage. The plot opens with immediate lures for the readers and never falters in its delivery...and results in heated, well-written scenes."

-- Amanda S., Fallen Angel Reviews

"Five stars! Blood and Honey is delightful! It's a fantasy of textures and imagination with sexy paranormal races mixing it up. The quick-witted repartee kept the pace moving."

-- Patrice Storie, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"It's Romeo and Juliet -- paranormal style -- in this honey of a tale that will leave you with a smile."

-- Isabelle Spencer, Romance Reviews Today

Blood & Honey - OCTOBER 2006

When a luscious faery, Fawn, targets a gorgeous vampire prince, Victor, for assassination, she never expects him to be able to resist her enchantment and survive the night. And, after the attempt on his life, Victor should have an appetite for revenge, but what he really wants a taste of is Fawn. A war between their species only makes their forbidden love more delicious, as delectable as blood...or honey, depending on the point of view.

Temptation In Time - December 2005

Temptation In Time

Ariana escaped the Middle Ages after stealing a kiss of magic from sexy sorcerer, Marcus de Grey. When he brings her back, they begin a battle of wills and a sexual odyssey that could spell disaster for them both.


“Temptation in Time is wonderful roam through time and one woman’s fight for independence. Marcus is a sensual sorcerer who is out for revenge, but may find something more in the process. The love scenes are steamy and the chemistry is non-stop. Alexa Aames has done an excellent job of weaving a magical tale reader's won’t soon forget.”

—Romance Junkies

“Ariana is brought back in time by the sexy sorcerer, Marcus de Grey. She has been in modern times many years now and never wished to return to the Middle Ages again. But he intends to keep her with him now that he has found her again.”

—Romance Reviews